How to Make Angel Christmas Ornaments

There are lots of angel Christmas ornaments out there and lots of quick angel ornament projects you can make.  Many of them are made with beads. A couple of years ago I designed a cute angel ornament that is unique, easy to make, and oh so cute! (If I do say so myself!)

Angel Ornaments

The process is easy, the materials are inexpensive, and the results are really sweet. My angel in the photo is holding the name “Jesus”, but you can also make the angel hold the name or a son, daughter, or grandchild for a personalized ornament gift.  In addition, this angel ornament can also be made to be posed without holding a name and has a bell hidden under her dress.  To see the directions for making this angel go to the link below.

Make your own Angel Christmas Ornaments today!

~ Angela


Knit Slippers for Christmas Gifts!

Our 14th annual Countdown to Christmas giveaways are here and our first prize includes a copy of my popular knit slippers pattern.  These knitted slippers are well liked because they are so easy to make.  Even a beginner to knitting can make these slippers!  They require knowledge of the basic knit stitch, casting on and off, and a bit of simple stitching.

They are great for making Christmas gifts!  The yarn comes in lots of great colors and they are easy to stuff into a Christmas stocking.  Fun idea for a cozy Christmas morning gift!

You can learn how to make them for free on our website!  You can also purchase a  nice copy of the pattern on pdf if you would prefer.  The pdf copy also contains a “how to knit” picture tutorial.

Go to Knit Slippers Pattern

Happy Knitting!

~ Angela

Make a Scarecrow Decoration this Fall

This month we have updated one of our oldest projects on AOK Corral. AOK Corral was founded in 1998 and began offering free monthly craft projects in January of 1999. Our craft project for September of 1999 was a set of scarecrows for your porch or inside fall decorating. Here is the original photo that was posted for this project:

As you can see….this image leaves a lot to be desired.  As you may remember, back in 1999 most people were using dial up connections to get the internet.  Because of this, it was important to make sure that images were smaller in physical size and that they were optimized for faster loading. This often affected the quality.  Still, even with all of that being true of this photo, our digital camera was NOT very good!

I made a brand new set of scarecrows in order to take some helpful pictures of the assembly process and to get a much better finished photo.  What do you think?

Yes….MUCH better photo!

You can make yourself one or more of these cute scarecrows at: How to Make a Scarecrow Decoration

~ Angela

Make some yummy summer cookies!

Last month we posted a new project for making some yummy summer cookies.  The full project with instructions is here: Garden Cookies Craft

Developing this project, I went through a LOT of candy trying many different things to come up with the garden plant ideas.  There was so much candy everywhere that I think I gained at least 5 pounds in two weeks….Ugh… (I have a weakness for candy just laying all around the table!)

Lots of candy

After several weeks of trying things, going back to the store for more candy, walking away in frustration, and then returning to try something else, I was all done. I ended up with 3 cookie gardens that turned out really great.

The Radish and Carrot Garden Cookie

Radish and Carrots

The Cauliflower and Wheelbarrow Garden

Cauliflower and Wheelbarrow

The Pumpkin Patch Garden

Pumpkin Patch Garden

Learn how to make each of these yummy little cookie gardens on our website at:  Garden Cookie Craft  I know for a fact that any children you have in your life will love making these and even if their cookie gardens don’t turn out just like the pictures, they will LOVE cleaning up all the candy!


~ Angela

New Apron project turned into Applique project

I just posted a new pattern set this past week for Vegetable Appliques!  I think I like them.

When I started this project I fully intended to create a pattern for a reversible kitchen or garden apron.  I found this cute selection of fabrics that really inspired me to make an apron for kitchen or garden.

One thing I wanted to do to my apron was put some cute garden or vegetable appliques on the front to  match the theme of the focal fabric.  I proceeded to draw up some design ideas for the appliques.  As time went on, and life kept pulling me from my project, it was getting closer and closer to the month of April when I had planned to post the project.  I knew I had to finish my appliques first so that I could iron them onto the front of the apron before sewing.

Well, many weeks later, I had finished the appliques but still no apron.  Since it has been some time since I posted a new project on AOK Corral, thanks to my last planned project ending in failure, wasted time, and effort (see previous post about barrettes), I decided to post the appliques and finish up the apron over the next few weeks.

Sigh…..I am glad to have a new project available now but hope to be adding the apron soon!

~ Angela


Making Beaded Hair Accessories

I don’t know about you, but I am usually disappointed when I go out looking for hair barrettes and hair clips that work for the different outfits I am wearing.  The choices are either too plain, obviously for little girls, or fancy enough for a bride.  I like to wear hair accessories that compliment my clothing the way that jewelry does.  So…I decided to make some of my own hair accessories with beads and buttons.  I am still looking for some buttons for the clips but here are the beads and barrettes that I am going to start with.

These may seem a little fancy but I really like the sparkle and I like that there is some color in the sparkle rather than just a diamond or pearl look that I see in the stores.

Over the next few weeks I will finish designing some barrettes and hair clips and when I am finished, I will post the project instructions and tips for designing and making your own hair accessories right here.  Check back beginning of March for this project.

UDATE: 3/31/14   Unfortunately, this project was put on hold because I could not find a glue that could hold together the metal hair clips with plastic beads or metal charms. I tried several types of superglue, craft glue, and krazy glue and each time the beads or charms would dry and then pop off.  If you know of a strong glue that is able to bond with metals, please do comment and share it with me!  I would love to know what will work!  Maybe then I can finish this project.

~ Angela

Handmade Cowboy Boots for Babies

Last week the Countdown to Christmas giveaway was sponsored by Cowboy Baby Booties from Texas.  Barbara of Cowboy Baby Booties from Texas has been featuring her products on AOK Corral for a very long time.  She is a pleasure to work with and has some really great, quality items.  First, her featured item, the Cowboy Boot Booties for Babies:

Aren’t they adorable?  So cute and so many colors to choose from!
She recently started featuring a new item for little ones, Owl hats!  Soooo cute!

Barbara also features a very large variety of hanging kitchen towels. She has lots of holiday themes…

Here are just few of the many regular themes for your kitchen:

For any of these great items, from a vendor you can trust go to any of Barbara’s pages:

Cowboy Baby Booties from Texas

Barbara’s Gifts and Gourds

To enter our latest giveaway, go to